Organic Hair

Welcome to Organic Hair!

Organic Hair has been created by a small team of professional hairdressers with over 10 years industry experience. We specialise in all aspects of hairdressing, organic hair colouring and wedding hair styling personalised to suit your individual needs. The difference with Organic Hair is that we travel to you! Our experienced hairdressers provide a freelance salon service by travelling to you, making it an easier and more convenient way to get your hair styled!

So why go organic?

Organic hair colour has less chemicals and contains more natural ingredients than conventional hair colouring products, these products contain no Ammonia which is the strong smelling chemical that can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and not to mention drying your hair and scalp, resulting in dull lifeless hair. Other key ingredients are Avacardo Oil, Seaweed and Fruit extracts a combination of these natural ingredients help to protect your hair and scalp during the colouring process. Here are just a few other benefits of going natural:

*Products not tested on animals
*Maintain healthy hair and scalp
*Promotes stronger hair growth
*Amazing shine and colour vibrancy

For more information, please email us.

Please note: Our service is currently available to clients in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.